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Like growth spurts and voice changes, braces have become a recognizable milestone of adolescence. It’s an ideal time for orthodontic treatment for many reasons, mostly because it takes advantage of the rapid body changes and growth as the body prepares for adulthood; applying orthodontics at this stage can shorten treatment time dramatically, whether we are adjusting for cosmetic, oral health, or airway functionality reasons. We believe it’s important to treat teenagers for several oral health issues before they become painful, embarrassing, or problematic.


· Early or late loss of baby teeth

· Difficulty in speaking

· Trouble biting and chewing

· Misaligned jaw

· Abnormal space between teeth

· Crowded and protruded teeth

· Teeth that are very close to the cheek or tongue (Crossbite)

· Significantly larger upper jaw than the lower (Overbite)

· Space, when biting down, between lower and upper front teeth (Open Bite)

· Larger lower jaw than the upper (Underbite)

Helping your teen to achieve a well aligned, more pleasing, and healthier smile means making a commitment to orthodontic care. Although orthodontic treatment involves wearing some type of appliances and takes time, the ultimate reward of a beautiful smile is well worth the effort.

The good news is that, thanks to advances in modern orthodontics today’s image conscious teens can choose from a wide selection of braces that are far less bulky, much less noticeable, and more comfortable than ever before.

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