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The treatment was excellent. My tooth were not aligned properly it was too weird but after the treatment i got properly aligned and it made my smile beautiful.
Reach out here definitely you will get a best treatment.

Dr.Rekha has lot of patience. She explains each and every thing before doing and she handles everything smoothly.


Love to give more than five stars for the very clean clinic, the great doctors (Dr. Rekha & Dr. Prasanna) and the perfect and highly satisfactory treatment. Was very much impressed by Dr. Rekha for the way she explains what she is doing on each stage of the procedure and that way making me very comfortable! Totally it was a *feel at home clinical experience*!! Surely will recommend Proalign for anybody!!

- Mrs.Radha

Thank u so much Dr Rekha.something i really appreciate abt u is U explain the issues in detail.Thank u so much for the excellent dental care u have given to my daughter. Ur service n caringness towards children is highly appreciated.

- Mr.Ranjan

Treatment was effective & handled it very smoothly, timely response for any issues.

Very good experience regarding teeth braces and completely satisfied with my treatment

Patient Stories: Testimonials
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